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Local Rates

At HelloMobile, we don’t stop at offering incredibly low
international call rates.

We know that you need to make calls locally too, which is why we have three easy
options for you to choose that will help you save even more. All of our local rate
options are on per-second billing so you only pay for what you use!

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step one image SUPACHARGE (99c FOR REAL)

We’ve answered your call

The people have spoken: you want a real deal. We’ve answered with the best prepaid deal in the country: SupaCharge. When buying a Hello Mobile prepaid starter pack, you're automatically put on our 99c for Real tariff plan, which offers the most affordable flat rate to any network, at any time.

Don’t just recharge, SupaCharge

Get free talktime, SMSes and data every time you recharge with HelloMobile. SupaCharge benefits are available on all CellC recharge vouchers and you do not need to opt in to take advantage of them. All HelloMobile SIM cards are automatically defaulted to the SupaCharge plan - all you have to do is start calling!

With SupaCharge, you enjoy:

  • Local voice calls @ 99c per minute - less than 2c per second
  • Per-second billing from the first second on all local calls
  • Data @ 99c per MB (out of bundle)
  • Local SMS or MMS @ 50c per message

SupaCharge pricing:

  • Local voice calls
  • R0.99
  • Voice calls to toll free numbers
  • R2.50
  • Local SMS and MMS per message
  • R0.50
  • Data per MB (out of bundle)
  • R0.99
  • International SMS per message
  • R1.50
  • Billing increment
  • Per second from the 1st second

Supacharge Benefit:

  • Buy
  • Get
  • Free Minutes
  • Free SMS
  • Free Data MB
  • Valid
  • (all network)
  • (Hello Mobile)
  • (Hello Mobile)
  • R5 to R9
  • R5 to R9
  • 4 Free Min
  • 4 Free SMS
  • 4 Free MB
  • 1 day
  • R10 to R24
  • R10 to R24
  • 8 Free Min
  • 8 Free SMS
  • 8 Free MB
  • 2 days
  • R25 to R49
  • R 25 to R49
  • 25 Free Min
  • 25 Free SMS
  • 25 Free MB
  • 2 days
  • R50 to R99
  • R 50 to R99
  • 50 Free Min
  • 50 Free SMS
  • 50 Free MB
  • 5 days
  • R100 to R149
  • R 100 to R149
  • 200 Free Min
  • 200 Free SMS
  • 200 Free MB
  • 5 days
  • R150 to R199
  • R 150 to R199
  • 400 Free Min
  • 400 Free SMS
  • 400 Free MB
  • 15 days
  • R200 to R299
  • R 200 to R299
  • 500 Free Min
  • 500 Free SMS
  • 500 Free MB
  • 15 days
  • R 300 to R499
  • R 300 to R499
  • 700 Free Min
  • 700 Free SMS
  • 700 Free MB
  • 30 days
  • R500
  • R500
  • 1000 Free Min
  • 1000 Free SMS
  • 1000 Free MB (1 GB)
  • 30 days

faq icon FAQ

1How does SupaCharge work?

Whenever you recharge with airtime, you receive the rand value of that airtime PLUS FREE HelloMobile to HelloMobile/ or CellC minutes, PLUS FREE HelloMobile to HelloMobile or CellC SMSes, PLUS FREE data.

2Who can get SupaCharge?

All HelloMobile prepaid customers automatically get SupaCharge whenever you recharge with airtime. No opt-in is required. SupaCharge may only be used for private and personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

3How do I get the SupaCharge unlimited bonus?

If you are a HelloMobile Prepaid customer you get unlimited HelloMobile to HelloMobile/CellC anytime voice calls, valid for 30 days from the date of recharge, when recharging with an airtime voucher of R500 or more.

4What happens if I recharge while I still have unused Supacharge bonuses?

HelloMobile or CellC will add the unused bonus benefits together with the new bonuses and the latest expiry date (which could be either that of the unused bonus or of the new bonus) will be applied to the new bonus benefit’s balance, except in the case of the unlimited HelloMobile to HelloMobile or CellC minutes bonus, which is valid for 30 days only.

5What recharges are excluded from receiving SupaCharge bonuses?

Any non-airtime recharges such as an All-In-One voucher, R39 SMS voucher, prepaid data package or bundle purchase do not qualify for SupaCharge bonuses.

6How do I check my SupaCharge balances?

Dial *101# for FREE minutes, SMSes and data

Dial *147# for a detailed balance enquiry, to view your unlimited bonus and HelloMobile to HelloMobile or CellC minutes expiry date

*Supacharge Terms and Conditions

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CellC Logo We make sure you’re always connected to your family and friends with our easy recharge options. Top up with CellC at any time of day or night by purchasing vouchers from stores across South Africa, or dialing 141 and following the voice prompts.

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